1992 U.S. Open – QF Interview

New York, New York

September 08, 1992

Monica Seles defeats P. Hy 6-1, 6-2

Q. Was it easier than you expected, Monica?

MONICA SELES: I have a problem with my voice, so I am going to have to go very low. It was easier than I expected, but I still think a lot of long points there could have gone either way. I was just lucky. I wasn’t just feeling too well out there. So, didn’t want to go back into the match in the second set, just try to finish her off. That didn’t work, like Hy, in the Canadian Open few weeks ago.

Q. Monica, do you have your voice — do you just have a sort throat? Is it a virus? Can you tell us your medical condition?

MONICA SELES: I have a virus and a sore throat since three days ago. I had a very bad stomach for a couple of days, then yesterday my voice — which was gone yesterday, totally, and today also. I am supposed to take some antibiotics, that is what the doctor said. But I don’t know if I had can do that. So I want to see day by day.

Q. Monica, how well do you think Patricia played today?

MONICA SELES: I think in the beginning she was probably a little bit nervous when she served the two doublefaults, it is unusual. She is playing very well. Trying some different tactics against me, and I was just responding to them pretty well today. I was playing pretty well, myself.

Q. Monica, you went out there, you were bound and determined that she wasn’t going to pull an upset against you, you wanted to get it over with.

MONICA SELES: Oh, yeah, I watch some points when she beat Jennifer. She is playing great tennis. I watched her play when she was playing Helena in the tiebreaker. She is playing great tennis. I knew it was going to be a tough match. Plus playing her in the Canadian Open, I had a pretty tough match. I wanted to keep her as far as I could not to let her get into the match.

Q. How do you feel playing this year as opposed to last year?

MONICA SELES: I feel the same. I just have a few days to rest now and then just, hopefully, I am going to feel good enough to go out there and play. I hope my temperature is not going to go up very high and just take you know, point by point as I did up to now.

Q. How high has your temperature gotten?

MONICA SELES: I know in Celsius, 38.

Q. How does it affect you on the court? What do you file like?

MONICA SELES: I get a little dizzy. A little bit, and my movement, is even– today, I felt a little bit– not as I wanted to, but I am lucky that I got the two days off. Hopefully, that is going to help me.

Q. Monica, after all the talk about the noise that you make, do you find it kind of ironic you could barely make a sound out there?

MONICA SELES: Not really, because it is– I am sure there are going to be jokes tomorrow in the papers. But I just got a cold. I think there is a virus going around the lockerroom. A lot of other players have it. The thing is, you come off from practice, you sit in the lockerroom and you freeze. The lockerroom, it is about 60 degrees. It is freezing in there; sitting in there for two and a half hours before your match, you are just bound to catch something. All the players have something with them and I just caught a virus. That is what the doctor said.

Q. Were you worried that it was really going to– I mean, that you could go out there and not perform as well as you could?

MONICA SELES: I was feeling a lot better today than yesterday morning when I first lost my voice. I totally couldn’t speak. I was feeling very badly. Then, this morning I was feeling a little better, but, you know, it is on and off. I just wanted myself to keep moving my feet and just try to forget that while I am in the watch. I said if I am going to– can’t breath because of the things, then I will– just can’t play. But I think I was playing fine out there.

Q. Monica, please just one more. About the next match; are you surprised that it was Mary Joe who advanced?

MONICA SELES: I just heard the score. What was the score? I watched until 5-Love, Mary Joe, and I didn’t watch the game, but I just watched the score. I definitely was surprised. But Mary Joe and Gaby played some great matches together, I mean, against each other, and today I guess Mary Joe was better. I didn’t watch the match. I don’t know what happened out there. I am sure she had to play well to beat Gaby.

Q. Thank you very much.