1997 Family Circle Cup – QF Interview

April 04, 1997

M. Seles defeats Huber 6-3,6-0

QUESTION: Monica, it seemed like today you were sharp right from the start, much better than you played the other day.

SELES: I wanted to come out really strong early on and try not to get into long rallies with Anke. And I was pretty lucky in the beginning to pull that far ahead, and in the second set when I broke her, then I felt I was in pretty good shape.

QUESTION: Your serves in particular today were effective.

SELES: That helped a lot. I think a few times I was pretty lucky with the second serve she missed, but on average I felt it was better.

QUESTION: Is this as well? Have you played her recently? I mean I’m sure you expected a much tougher match.

SELES: Yeah. Definitely, because we had some close ones before. It’s hard to say which match I played the best this year because I don’t think I had one that I would be happy with all around, but I definitely played more aggressively, which I’m trying to get back to.

QUESTION: Monica, it looked like you had an early appointment you had to get to. You really made quick work today.

SELES: It was hot out there. I didn’t want to stay out there that long. I wasn’t feeling well, so I just said, go out there and keep the points short and attack, and she made a couple of unforced errors at 30 all, and I got those games, and at 5-0 and then 4-0, then you’re okay. You get more relaxed.

QUESTION: What’s wrong? Do you just have a cold?

SELES: I have a virus. I have a temperature. So I haven’t been feeling that well yesterday and today. So hopefully it’ll pass soon.

QUESTION: The last match was so cold. Today it’s a little hot. Did that affect you because you weren’t feeling good?

SELES: I definitely got the cold that night because before I had no problems, but things happen. As long as my temperature goes down, it would be really helpful.

QUESTION: Did you have a fever going into the match today?

SELES: I had a fever yesterday and today.

QUESTION: What was it?

SELES: It’s not going to make a difference.

QUESTION: Will you try to go back and get as much rest as you can tonight?

SELES: Pretty much.

QUESTION: Can you talk about your game right now? Do you feel that you’re maybe getting back to the point or getting close to when you were the No. 1 ranked player?

SELES: Well, to do that I’m going to have to play better against Steffi and Martina. I haven’t done that the last two years. I’m pretty happy about adjusting to the clay so well so soon, and I think there’s a long road ahead of me, that’s for sure. It’s tough to decide what tournaments you want to play and when you want to practice, but as long as I can stay on the injury-free road and keep playing tournaments, get some more matches, I think I can get there.

QUESTION: Monica, when we interviewed Hingis, she seems so kind of giggly, unaffected, like this isn’t real what’s going on. Is that what it’s like in the beginning when you’re real talented and No. 1? Do you kind of recognize all the things that go with this later on in your career?

SELES: Definitely, but I think that’s her personality, too. I think she was like that before she got to No. 1, and there are different stages in your life. I mean I had good stages, bad, you know, not so good, and it goes up and down. But definitely I think she’s doing so well, and she seems to be having a great time, and I think that’s great for young girls to see that, how much fun you can have at playing tennis, and you can also do well. So I think she’s a great role model in that sense.

QUESTION: Would you be disappointed if you didn’t get another shot at her in this tournament?

SELES: No. Not at this point, no. I know I have a tough match ahead of me tomorrow. I just hope I can take it physically. And after that if I don’t get to play Martina, I’m sure I’ll get to see her again in the European clay court season. So a match at a time.

QUESTION: We won’t ask you to repeat everything you’ve said, Chris and I, because it sounds like you shouldn’t say another word. Well played.

SELES: Thanks, Bud.