1997 Family Circle Cup – SF Interview

April 05, 1997

M. Seles defeats Martinez 6-3,6-4

QUESTION: Monica, you’ve had a lot of success against Conchita in the past. Why do you think that is and what were you able to do against her today?

SELES: I wanted to come out very aggressive today against her, try to take control of the point. I was pretty successful, and on a couple of key points I just went for them and they went in today, and I tried to just play my game really yesterday and today.

QUESTION: Monica, how are you feeling right now? You don’t sound very well, but how are you feeling and how do you think you’ll feel tomorrow for the finals?

SELES: I hope I’m going to feel a lot better. This morning I didn’t feel well. I didn’t practice at all or anything, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel in the match, but once the match started and I got going, I started feeling okay. I forgot about my temperature and everything. As long as my temperature goes down hopefully for tomorrow, that would help a lot.

QUESTION: How do you feel about playing Martina Hingis tomorrow?

SELES: It’s really exciting. The tennis Martina has been playing this year is unbelievable. I lost to her very easily at Lipton a week ago today. So it’s a tough job ahead of me tomorrow. Hopefully a lot of rallies, but I’ll just go out there and do the best that I can.

QUESTION: When you lose that badly to somebody and so recently, how does that affect you going into the next time you play them?

SELES: Really doesn’t affect me either way because it’s a new place, new stadium. I treat each match individually.

QUESTION: Monica, we’re just not used to seeing you on that side of the score like the end of the Lipton. What did she do that day? Was there something particular?

SELES: She did everything very well. She really never gave me a chance to get into the match, and she played some great tennis. I was off, and that was it. She was better that day.

QUESTION: Is clay a better surface for you than the hard court, do you think?

SELES: I really don’t think so. I really think I like hard courts better, but last year I didn’t have too much success on clay. Before I was very confident on clay, and I hope I can get back that comfortable feeling on the clay.

QUESTION: What would a win tomorrow do for you as far as getting back to that level where you were a couple years ago? What would that do for you?

SELES: Well, for my tennis career it would be great. It would be nice to win a tournament this year. Obviously I have only played one tournament. That would be wonderful, but whatever happens, I know I have a long road to the Grand Slams where I really would like to play well, and just really go out there tomorrow and play the best that I can. Thank you.