1997 Italian Open – 3rd Round Interview

May 08, 1997

M. Pierce defeats M. Seles 7-6(8),7-6(6)

Q : Why do you think you lost?
A : I don’t know what happened. I was up 6-3. I had a few chances. That’s what happened today.

Q : How can you explain that?
A : I don’t know. I’ve never seen someone being down 6-3 twice winning the match. Things happen. I wish I knew!

Q : Were you unlucky?
A : No, sometimes I felt I should be playing more safely and close the match.

Q : She never took a set from you. What was the difference today?
A : I don’t even remember playing her 5 or 6 years ago. I’m sure I won the key points.

Q : Were you surprised at Pierce’s win? Were you expecting that game, her concentration and calm?
A : I pretty much expected that.

Q : Did the rain delay affect your concentration?
A : No, waiting is tough but I’m used to it.

Q : How far are you from the best Monica?
A : It just happens to have matches like today’s. It is really hard to be up twice, have a lot of set points and then lose the match. The same thing happened against Hingis at Hilton Head. I was leading 6-3 or 5-2 but I had problems in closing the match. That’s not good.