2000 Ericsson Open – 3rd Round Interview

Miami, Florida
March 26, 2000
Monica Seles defeats Lisa Raymond 6-3,6-2

WTA: Questions for Monica.

Q. Tennis is a game of contrast. Lisa played some serve-and-volley out there today. Do you miss the absence of serve-and-volley on the circuit?

MONICA SELES: I probably miss the most Martina just because it was such a contrast in our game styles. The last person was really Jana. I think on the tour really the only one that’s left is Lisa. I really hope more junior girls will play the style of game.

Q. Any chance that you’d change?

MONICA SELES: Not in my career, no.

Q. Any chance that some juniors will break through?

MONICA SELES: I hope so. It does not seem like it right now, but I see some of the players are making an effort to come in or play the doubles more. Really I think the one that does both the best is Martina right now.

Q. Could you assess Anna Kournikova’s game, her strengths, her weaknesses?

MONICA SELES: Well, Anna has really improved her serve a lot from last year. She’s a really attacking player, a great mover. She’s very solid off both sides. She’s not afraid to come to the net.

I think she has an all-court game.

Q. She herself said she had to work on consistency. How can a player improve that?

MONICA SELES: I think all of us are trying to get to be consistent. The most consistent on the tour definitely is Martina and then Lindsay. Just have to keep hitting more and more balls, I guess.

Q. Bollettieri said he felt Anna’s strength was her net game. He’d like to see her come in a lot more. Do you think that would strengthen her game?

MONICA SELES: Definitely, for sure, yeah.

Q. The other day you were talking a lot about off-court publicity. Without question, Anna is a great player, but she’s certainly the most marketable player in the game, yet hasn’t won a tournament yet. Can you take a moment and talk about that?

MONICA SELES: I think that’s fantastic. I really like Anna. I played quite a few times doubles with her. I got to know her mom, too, very well.

I just think very highly of her.

Q. People just sort of see her as this glamorous figure. Can you say what she’s like as a person?

MONICA SELES: Anna is very hard-working. She’s one of the few people who is here early in the morning practicing. I’ve never seen her slack off in a practice. It’s really terrific how hard she is working and how much she wants to be the No. 1 player in the world.

Q. Would you suggest to her that she maybe go down to a lower-level tournament?

MONICA SELES: I think she’s played lower-level tournaments. This year she played Australian hard courts.

Q. In an hour or so the Academy Awards are coming up. Have you seen any of the movies?

MONICA SELES: I’ve not seen a single movie. I’m not a good person to ask at all.

Q. If you could get in tennis – not even in tennis – any wish you want.

MONICA SELES: Have a great serve.

Q. What do you think you’d have to do to get a great serve?

MONICA SELES: I’m trying to figure that one out right now.

Q. In Indian Wells, Lindsay went on for some time about the importance she felt for Juniors to play tournaments, to learn how to win, learn how to lose, not come out too early. Could you talk about that issue.

MONICA SELES: I definitely agree with Lindsay on that point. I think more players are younger, and parents should take an example from Lindsay. The way her mom has been such a supporter of her, but yet you don’t see her in such a front place. It’s been fantastic.

Lindsay as a person I think is terrific both on and off court.