2001 U.S. Open – 1st Round Interview

New York, New York
August 27, 2001
M. Seles defeats Pratt 6-1,6-2

Q. Could you tell us your three or four favorite websites.
MONICA SELES: I really am not online at all. I’m the wrong person to ask. Zero.

Q. Do you use any sort of technical device at all?
MONICA SELES: No, none, really. I’m really not into that at all, whatever you call those cameras that you can see people. I’m not into that.

Q. Can you compare where your game is this summer compared to last summer coming into this tournament?
MONICA SELES: I definitely had some better wins over the top players. Really I played well the last three, four weeks. You know, it’s just so hard to compare because each time it’s just different. I’m a player, I forget as soon as the match is over and stuff like that.
But really happy that after not playing for a while, I could come back and play so well so soon. Hopefully I can just improve upon that.

Q. A lot of people have written about how Lisa and your other trainers have helped you over the summer. Can you give us a sense of what’s different about your routine, how you incorporated weight training or –?
MONICA SELES: Really weight training, a slow distance, biking, stuff like that. I can’t do any speed stuff because of my foot. The combination of three people, Lisa, Pat and Mike who have just been really wonderful. That’s really it. You know, nothing different. It’s just probably doing it on a more consistent basis.

Q. Andre talked about how he loves to train. What is your thought? Are you one who likes to work out?
MONICA SELES: Once I get started, I do. But I’m not like a person that likes to beforehand. I love to play tennis. Once I get started, then I definitely enjoy it. I think the more I’ve been doing it, the more I’m open to that idea of kind of making it part of my lifestyle.