2003 Toray Pan Pacific – Final Interview

Tokyo, Japan

February 02, 2003

Lindsay Davenport defeats Monica Seles 6-7,6-1,6-2

Q: Monica, what would you attribute the fact that you’re unable to sort of consolidate winning first set today?
Monica Seles: I think Lindsay just picked up her game a little bit less errors and my serve went away, and the combination of that was just too good there. My serve let me down a little bit and she was just played better on the key points.

Q: You seemed to be having some difficulty with Lindsay’s serve, how was her serve different from other players?
Monica Seles: Well, I mean, she just really place it very well and it’s very hard for me to read it. So, you know, that’s been the case whenever I play her and the surface is probably more exaggerated since it’s fast. But her serve gave me a lot of troubles as we saw it today.

Q: The second set looked pretty love side, so how did you then start the third set? week?
Monica Seles:I tried to hold my serve which is important to hold that first game, I think, in one all, but after that I could game go up two to one, and then when she broke me in the second time, I pretty much know I was out of match.

Q:Just as a rebuilding process goes after Melbourne, how do you think it’s been for you?
Monica Seles: Well, I mean it’s a positive for me to get to the final here, at the same time disappointing now to loose a match. But hopefully I can stay injury-free the next few weeks, and just get ready for my next tournament and try little better.