2003 Toray Pan Pacific – SF Interview

Tokyo, Japan

February 01, 2003

Monica Seles defeats Chanda Rubin 4-6,6-4,6-2

Q: It seemed like, in the second set, 8th game at 4 all, it was pivotal point in the match, how did you see that point?
Monica Seles:Oh, definitely, I mean, I was really frustrated when I lost at first set and kind of went down on myself and, had a good come back there on the second set, and, you know, third set just play some good tennis at key times.

Q: When she broke to go 4-3 up, were you, you like, was that like a- you needed or what supposed going through your mind to stay?
Monica Seles: Well, you know, just the emotions of being up so much in the first set, I was really struggling inside after that, and then when she has got break up for, just you know, pretty disappointed in that game. And then I think almost something in me just say, you know, just try to hang in there, it’s a core that things can change fast and I think she didn’t play that one game as great and that made the difference.

Q: Monica, how do you feel your game this week?
Monica Seles:I feel good, I mean, you know, after Australian, I’m practicing for a week and a half. I was very nervous here especially my first match because I am not used to that. But I think all these tough matches have helped, and happy to be back to playing some decent tennis. But more importantly that I can practice again normal and, you know, I just try to stay really healthy for the next few weeks.

Q: It’s been over ten years since you won your first Grand Slam title, how have you been able to stay in the game so long, the secret to being able to try after all these years?
Monica Seles: Oh, it’s a long but it’s really not as long because I’ve really only played I think 7 or 8 full years on the tour compare to the other girls. I got, you know, lucky or unlucky there whichever way, and I think that has really preserved my body. And most years something pretty injury free except a couple of the last two. I don’t know I have no idea myself so beside that.

Q: It seemed like, in the beginning of the game, you were struggling with the deuce side, corner serves that Chanda was putting in so well, but half was with the match, it seemed like there was sort of turning in the flow, could it be that you actually figured out how to return or was there something maybe Chanda’s strength?
Monica Seles: Well, I think probably combination, I have to try to figure out something cause I don’t think there are few games there that son too many points, and that was definitely very frustrating. So, I tried both.