‘I don’t like on-court coaching’ – Seles disagrees with Williams’ coach

David Ferrer believes that Serena Williams was not right in the US Open controversy with the chair umpire Carlos Ramos. Speaking to Cadena Cope, Ferrer said there is no sexism in tennis at all. ‘I did not like it because I believe that it has not anything to do.

The umpire acted accordingly with rules. And this year more men got warnings than women because men behaved worse’, said Ferrer. Commenting on what led him to retire from tennis next year, Ferrer added: ‘Especially in the movement, I have a tendon issue on both feet and I have been struggling with it for a while.

On every match, I suffer a lot. When you are 36 years old and will turn 37, with the matches and kilometres I have been through, it’s normal. In my case I was lucky that in my career, every year, I won some title, I was part of the Davis Cup team…

but when your ranking position does not allow you to play certain matches or you cannot compete with the best guys and you see that physicians have been dealing with problems, you think about it. Before the US Open, I had already made the decision to end in 2019.’ ‘You need to be prepared mentally’, he said speaking about the right time to end your career.

‘You are always travelling, competing. And suddenly you will not travel anymore. In my case, it was a perfect time because I was prepared to take a decision. Maybe if I had to take it the previous year or two years ago it would have been tougher, I was not ready, I was having anger and hate for tennis and I did not accept that this moment would come.’ Commenting on the most unforgettable loss in his career, Ferrer added: ‘The 2013 Miami final with Andy Murray.

I had a match point, I called the HawkEye challenge and the ball went out by very less. When I go to Miami and I see that court, a little anger comes to me.’