In an article from the LA Times, Serena Williams talks about Monica Seles. Here is the excerpt from the article. Click on the source link for the full article.

Then there’s Serena Williams, born in 1981, who as a child idolized Monica Seles, born in 1973, then grew up to become an idol for Michaella Krajicek, born in 1989.

Now Williams will play Krajicek in a third-round reminder that Krajicek might feel what Williams used to feel when Williams played Seles.

“That’s awesome,” Williams said, when told Krajicek idolized her. “That’s so sweet. I know the feeling because I loved Monica Seles, so whenever I got a chance to play her, I was just still really excited. And, you know, winning against her was like the ultimate goal. Every time was just so cool. So I know the feeling. It’s just kind of strange to be in the opposite position.”