Laureus Sport Foundation visits Alexandra kids

The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation took time out to spend the day with kids in Alexandra today. This is part of their pledge to help change the lives of youngsters through sport.

Alexandra was a hive of activity after all; some of the world’s sporting icons were in town. From soccer players to tennis players, cricketers to mountaineers. These are current or retired sportsmen and women who have achieved sporting greatness during their careers, but they put all their fame and fortune aside as they mingled with the children giving them hope for a better tomorrow.

Monica Seles, a former tennis star, says: “If kids have a dream, it is very important to have a role model and guidance be it teachers, parents, and work hard; then I think a lot of things will come and hopefully all the stars they see here will inspire them.”

Making a difference in a kid’s life

Martina Navratilova, also a former tennis star, says they are just glad that they can make a difference in some kids life, “maybe 20 years down the line some of them will see me in Los Angeles and say, ‘Hey I saw her in Alex, you started a project and it helped me,’ that’s what its about.”

For the kids, it was a day to remember. They are from the projects run by various foundations – Free the Youth, Alexandra Football Academy, Starfish Sport and Little Champs. To date, the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation has touched the lives of more than 150 000 children worldwide.