Monica Seles Makes a Match on DWTS

MONICA SELES and JONATHAN ROBERTS are all geared up for their “Dancing with the Stars” foxtrot when the competition returns to the airwaves on Monday, March 17 on ABC.

“I need all the help I can get,” Monica told “The Insider.” “In three weeks, [it is hard] to learn something and go in front of America on national television.”

The tennis champ says that when the show called and asked her to be a part of it, it only took her a few seconds to say yes.

“I haven’t regretted it since then, except for the first two weeks — every single day,” she jokes.

This is the first time that Jonathan, who was partnered with MARIE OSMOND last season, has danced with an athlete — and he says there is quite a difference.

“Where often the celebrities run out of energy and are too tired, Monica has no problem with stamina, but actually flexible moving and rhythm is a different challenge,” he explains.

A self-professed tomboy, Monica acknowledges that Jonathan is accurate in his comments on her skills, but, even so, she is looking forward to her debut.

“For me as a tennis player, I never got to go to my prom, so this is my way to be girlie girlie, wear all the beautiful dresses and the makeup, and learn something so different from tennis that without the show I never would have learned,” she says.