Monica’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Blog

The first dancing steps of an amateur

By Monica Seles
Special to MSN TV

Hi everyone!

After four long grueling weeks of rehearsals, tonight I will make my “Dancing with the Stars” debut! My partner is the wonderful Jonathan Roberts who is such a gentleman and remarkable dancer. We are dancing the foxtrot and after rehearsing for 6 hours a day, every day, it’s all I’ve been sleeping and dreaming.

The dance floor is completely foreign to me. I have no musical background and no dance experience, so learning the choreography has been a challenge. I’m using a whole new set of muscles and techniques. In tennis you wear a stoic face and don’t let your opponent see any emotions, while dancing is opposite. It’s all emotions and Jonathan’s been trying to get that out of me.

There is so much for me to remember – the footwork, the posture, and smile. At first I didn’t know my right foot from my left. But now I am ready to rise to the occasion.

Tonight is my night to be a girlie girl – I’ll put on my heels, the fancy dress, the hair, the makeup and of course I will spray tan for the first time in my life! I am ready to be twirled around and shake body parts I never had to shake before.

I am having a great time and enjoying the process. As you can see from watching the men last night, everyone is really tough competition this season. But it would be really wonderful to see a female win. So be sure to watch tonight and VOTE! I know I’m going to have a blast!