More Photos from Sébastien!

2003 French Open – Photo by Sebastien

Fellow Monica fan, Sébastien, has decided to share more photos with us! These photos are from the Open GDF Suez Exhibition in Paris on February 12, 2012. He is also sharing some photos from Monica’s last appearance at the 2003 French Open. Below are portions of the emails he sent to us along with the photos. Thank you so much for sharing these great photos with us Sébastien! Enjoy!

Email #1:

Dear friends,

Thanks for your e-mail. Here are pics of the famous day of the exhibition in Paris this Sunday 12 of February. You can use them for the website. It is a pleasure to share with people who did not have my chance to see Monica on a court. I hope you will enjoy them.

My pics are not so good. Most of them are blurred. The light on the stadium was not so good and my camera is a bit old. But anyway, it is already good to have this souvenir. I was first there to enjoy of the show and not only to take pics.

I am also gonna send you the pics of Monica of French Open 2003. It is the first time I give them. I want you to have it because I know what fans you are and you deserve to have them. It is really the time to share them. I gave to Monica those pics when I met her. I wanted her to have this souvenir in picture because It was the last match of her career.

I have also a link where you can see me and Monica,, It was in 2002 when Monica practiced before the 10th Open Gaz de France in Paris. I also gave Monica this picture and she also signed one for me. She called me her bodyguard … Sweet Monica …

As I told you, I hope to meet you one day. The best would be with Monica with tennis racquets. I play 2 hands 2 sides (lefty just for tennis like Monica) !!!

Stay in touch,

Take care


Email #2:


French Open 2003… I had he chance to be there, behind the chair for the last match and she gave me the towel which is on her chair…Monica is still my number 1!!!

The same day, I met Gaby (Sabatini) and she signed the book by Monica “From fear to victory” that Monica signed too after her training session of this “last” day. You can see the pics of this training … and of the match with the scoreboard.

For the little story, I had a camera to use for only one time. Only 20-24 pics maximum and no idea of the pics before going to the camera shop. Technology has changed so fast …

Take Care,