News from IMG Academies

Monica & Michael M.

Michael, a student at IMG, recently sent an email telling us about his meeting with Monica. He said that Monica was at IMG earlier this month playing some doubles. He had his photo taken with her after she played doubles.

Michael mentioned that Monica looked great and was having lots of fun. He also said that after the doubles she was playing some one on two tennis and that she was winning everything!

“She was amazing, she still has such a great game”, he said.

A few weeks later, we received another email from Michael saying that Monica had been back all week. He said that Monica had been doing a lot of drills. He also said that Monica had been playing practice sets with Nicole Vaidisova and was playing very well against her.

Thank you Michael for the great photo and for the “inside” word on Monica. We hope you have more news to share in the future!