Review: The Academy – Love Match

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Format: Paperback / eBook

Released: February 13th, 2014

Amazon summary:

The Academy is the sports school everyone is talking about. But for Maya, it seems getting in was the easy part. It’s staying there that’s tough. To succeed it takes more than just talent. You need fame . . .

After a star performance in the semi-finals at a tennis competition, Maya is labelled The Next Big Thing and books a high-profile modelling job. The only problem is her co-star in the campaign is her super-hot ex-boyfriend, Jake Reed – and this is a job that her rival, Nicole, wants! Maya’s only just put the betrayal by Jake and Nicole behind her and now Maya is being drawn back into a circle of jealousy and desire. Luckily, she knows Nicole’s latest secret and gossip is a powerful weapon at The Academy!


Love Match is the second book in The Academy series, penned by ex-tennis pro Monica Seles. This second instalment isn’t quite as good as the first, which I really enjoyed when I read it last year, but it’s still an entertaining read for anyone who likes their YA fiction more on the gossipy, dramatic side.

Maya is still the star of the show, chasing boys and trying to balance her social life with her professional alter ego. She becomes involved in modelling, plays several important matches and has the touch decision of which agent to sign with. Nothing is easy at the Academy!

Love Match features more behind the scenes goings-on from the world of sport. The social politics, backstabbing and rivalries are all laid bare, which unfortunately means there isn’t much actual tennis being played. What tennis is included is written with a good knowledge and jargon, thanks to Monica Seles’ years of expertise.

I like these books and will continue to read them, but I hope future instalments focus more on the sport and less on the social side of things. This series is like Gossip Girl at a sporting school – slick, rich and full of angst. Everything you need for a quick, escapist read!