Seles: security `insufficient’

Ten years after she was stabbed by a fan during a changeover, Monica Seles said security at WTA events is “insufficient.”

While Seles did not say whether security has increased or decreased since her 1993 incident, she did say she is still concerned with access around match and practice sessions.

”In a lot of ways, our accessibility to people to get to us on site, in matches, after matches,” she said. “And just not me. Any of the higher-profile players.”

Tournament director Adam Barrett said security for players is determined on a case-to-case basis.

”If they are concerned, we will provide more security for them,” he said.

Security guards are stationed around the Tennis Center at Crandon Park, from the entrance to the facility to the player lounges.

Barrett said the same amount of security is given to players on the WTA and ATP, the men’s tour.

Andy Roddick said he is not at all concerned with security, but he understands Seles’ concerns.

”Obviously, I don’t think we can have the perspective about it that Monica has,” Roddick said.

At a 1993 tournament in Hamburg, Seles was stabbed by German fan Guenter Parche and did not play for more than two years.

Seles said she believes tennis players are more accessible than any other athletes, often walking through crowds to reach practice courts.

Some players go unnoticed. More notable players are easily recognizable.

”That’s why I say it depends,” Seles said. “I think, on the personality, on what day you hit it, too, and in your own way how you deal with people, too.”