Seles targets U.S. Open

By Kathryn Masterson, The Associated Press

HARTFORD, Conn. – Monica Seles, who pulled out of Wimbledon with an injured foot, has been watching the grass court action from her home in Sarasota, Fla., while she prepares for her return to the game. ”It’s been a tough one for me to miss,” Seles said Wednesday. ”I’ve missed a lot of my favorite tournaments and it’s been hard watching it on TV.” Seles first left the French Open in May because of her injury and said she wanted to be ready to play Wimbledon, the only grand slam title she has not won. She then departed Wimbledon

“I’m missing two Grand Slams – I haven’t done that in ages in my career,” Seles said.

Instead of playing center court in London, Seles, who has nine grand slam titles, has been working out on the bike and in the pool, she said. She has been unable to run sprints because of her injury.

Seles will make her return July 12 in Hartford, Conn., when she plays with the Hartford FoxForce World Tennis Team. Seles is the team’s marquee player.

Seles will play matches July 12-15 in Hartford, Philadelphia and two sites in New York.

Seles’ goal is to come back strong and healthy and to pace herself for the U.S. Open at the end of August. Seles has won the US Open twice.

“I would really like to play well there after missing the last two Grand Slams,” she said.

The team outings offer a low-stress comeback. Teammates are Luke Jensen, Murphy Jensen, Sonya Jeyaseelan and Mirjana Lucic.

“I really love team tennis … it’s so much more fun,” Seles said.