The Book Trailer For ‘The Academy’ By Monica Seles

At the world’s most elite academy for athletic teens, the competition on the playing field is fierce…and the competition off it is even fiercer. That’s the story behind the much-anticipated new YA novel “The Academy: Game On”—the first book in the new series by Monica Seles (the international tennis superstar who’s also an alumna of a hardcore sports training school, so you know she knows what she’s talking about!). And today, we’ve got an EXCLUSIVE first look at the trailer, which promises all the juicy scandal of a great boarding-school drama plus the added twist of a young tennis star’s Cinderella story.

The premise: Maya, a gifted young tennis star, gets the chance of a lifetime when her skills score her a scholarship to the world’s most competitive school for aspiring athletes. But when she arrives, she discovers that her ability to wield a racket is the least of her worries; the school is a hotbed of conflicts that center on everything from wealth to romance, and it’s ruled over by a mean queen bee whose parents bought her way in. Will Maya be able to steer clear of the drama and focus exclusively on her goal of becoming a pro player? …Uh, we hope not! That sounds so boring! Bring on the frenemy backstabbing and secret dorm sex!

“The Academy: Game On” will hit bookstores June 4.