Tony & Monica in Paris!

2012 – Tony with Monica – Photo by Tony

Here are some more photos of Monica in Paris for the doubles exhibition match taken by fellow Monica fan and former forum member, Tony. Below is a portion of the email he sent to us. Click the link to view his photos from the exhibition. Thank you Tony for sharing your wonderful photos with us!

Hello Ronny and James!

First of all, thank you so very much for your great website about Monica. It’s always a great pleasure to get some recent news about her thanks to you! Monica is someone who is very close to my heart and I would like to share with you my incredible day in Paris in February!

But as I am writing to you, I am overcome by my emotions because I just can’t believe I finally realized my dearest dream, the dream of the little boy I was. Here are some pictures of this special moment in my life. Enjoy it!

You know, I am one of the biggest fans of Monica (just like you, Sebastien, Ludovic and many more.), I support her since her first final at the French Open in 1990…What a great memory… 🙂 I discovered this wonderful sport thanks to her and it became my “number one” passion!!

In fact, most of people say that she was the best player in the world, the most incredible champion in the history and also someone wonderful, very nice. It is as well my opinion and by far…But she means much more for me and this, for other reasons…

In fact, sometimes my heart wasn’t in anything anymore I told myself, just like in her biography, that life was a precious gift and you couldn’t give up so easily your own life and your own history.

She helped me a lot even if it was in an indirect and virtual way but now I believe in my choices and in me more and more. However, I didn’t want to copy her , I’d rather say to take an example on Monica because I always appreciated her choices, her spirit mind and her capacity to adapt herself to the differents situations on and off-court!! She is and she’ll be an everlasting source of inspiration in my life!

I could not describe by words the happiness she gave me in Paris! She has such a really big heart!! Her grunts and her play were still there! 🙂 You know, after the training session, I coud take one picture with monica (she said to me: “don’t be nervous!), and just afterward I stayed at my seat and I cried for joy . That was the biggest emotion of my life!

What can I say more? I’ll never forget this moment and I would to share it with you and all the other fans throughout the world.

You can always believe in your dreams! Dreams can be true!