Novak Djokovic can play five more years at highest level – Monica Seles

In an interview to RTS, tennis legend Monica Seles praised Novak Djokovic’s legacy in tennis. Speaking at the Laureus Sports Awards, Seles said: “Novak is in the zone, like we like to say in America, he is physically and mentally at his top and I think he has still five years left at that level providing he wants to practice and keeping the attention he has now in order to make history.

When you look at him, tennis looks easy, he is a complete player, the way he played in Australia was a dream.” Seles also reflected on how it felt to experience early success in tennis: “I think Jennifer (Capriati) was 13 when she came on tour.

I was 14, I think. So a very different era, that generation. We didn’t have the age eligibility rule. And really, you kind of grow up on tour. That’s kind of your school, both on and off the court. But I think we loved what we did.

Tennis was our passion, our life. That era, you didn’t have the social media that you have now, so we were much more removed, much harder to really have a life outside of tennis. Didn’t have that maybe balance that the ladies now are able to achieve a lot more.

It’s a shorter schedule on tour. Our tour finished like in the first week of December way back then. But essentially I look back, now that I’m a lot older, personally I look back at that time with some great joy.”